Now is the time to take control of your utility costs.  LED lighting is a mainstream product that can save you money and/or resolve lighting issues within your facility.

In addition, RCX Solutions has a network of companies that can save you money or help resolve issues with your HVAC or electrical service.


With over 10 years of experience in the LED lighting and Energy business, RCX Solutions can provide your entity a comprehensive electric savings plan to aid you moving forward.   We have worked with Municipalities, Schools, Government Agencies, and Businesses large and small.  In most cases, we were able to create a "Return on Investment" solution that made the decision to retrofit an easy one.  In those case where the "ROI" was a little higher, the solution was to increase light levels for better overall visibility, safety, and appearance.

  • LED Lighting

  • LED Lighting Controls

  • Utility Services

  • Project Management​

  • ​Electrical Repair

  • Electrical - New Service

  • HVAC (Partner)

  • Auditing (Lighting)​

  • ​Rebate Submission

Trust and simplicity are the keys to a successful business.  There is value to making even the most complex project seem simple.  By solving solutions and simplifying the process, we are able to gain trust and develop a long term business relationship with our customers.