Our services have a common theme.  We strive to save you money in areas of your business that are commonly thought to be an expense with little savings.

LED Lighting

Our LED lighting is as simple as ordering  lamps and fixtures for a drop ship, or it can be a complex turnkey solution.  We do insist that if you are ordering material only, that you review your project with us to make sure that the lamps or fixtures you are ordering are in-line with the solution you are looking to create.

LED Lighting Controls

Controls for LED lighting can be as simple as photocells, motion/occupancy sensors, and timers.  They can also be customized to control zones, light levels, alarms, etc. all delivered onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Energy Services

Due to our successful partnerships, we now offer electricity and natural gas solutions.  We have access to over 50 different suppliers who can provide competitive rates in all deregulated territories.  This is an excellent way to cut energy costs by another 10% - 30% on average.

Project Management

If your staff does not have the time or experience, we can add a project manager to see that the job is installed correctly and in a timely fashion.  Even if the solution was sold by another company, we are capable of supplying installers and/or providing project management services as a stand alone option.


Maintaining partnerships with quality electricians is a requirement in the lighting business.  We are proud partners with many electricians throughout the country.  If you are remodeling or adding a new network, we can have electrical and data cabling pulled by one electrical contractor.  In need of repair work, we can get a liscenced electrician out to your facility in a very short time frame.


Considering a large energy retrofit and not sure if the cost of doing business is worth it.  We will audit the facility for lighting and HVAC.  We will evaluate the expected rebate and give you a complete report with "Return on Investment" information that you can use to make an informed decision.  The information can also be used for  "Scope of Work" to acquire labor estimates and RFP requests.